For Wholesale!

Step 1: Customers send products’ information to our email:

  • Specification, dimension
  • Products’ picture or draws
  • Printing inquiry/logo (if any)
  • Packing standard (if any)
  • Using purpose

Customers check and approve specification and products’ related information, so that we can give you exact quotations.

Step 2: We send to you a quotation, which is calculated based on those inquiries.

  • Basic price is based on the information which customers provide or approve.
  • Basic price is the reference, not the official price yet.
  • Basic price may be different from the official price.

Step 3: Approve the basic priceThe loyal customers approve our basic quoted price.

Step 4: Deposit for making samples

The charge of samples is as high 3 times as the basic price.

If the customers agree to place orders with mass products, the sample charge will be deducted ⅔ into the total value of the contract.

If you don’t want to order with some reasons from the customers, the charge of samples won’t be paybacked.

Step 5: We produce samples

Step 6: Sample approval

  • If samples are approved by the customers, we will move to the next step.
  • If samples aren’t approved:
  • If they don’t meet the customers’ initial inquiries, we will adjust or re-do.
  • If customers want to change dimensions or any information, you have to start from the 1st step and the fee of doing samples won’t be paybacked.

Step 7: Official quotation

After you approve the samples, we will calculate the exact cost of the product and re-quote to you.

Step 8: Customers confirm the official quotation

Step 9: Sign contract/ sales confirmation/ order

Step 10: Payment

For small order value, we encourage you to pay 100% of the goods value. But, for the big order value  (>$3,000), we accept you to deposit 50% of the goods value in advance and pay the rest of the payment after we have finished your order and take some pictures of items.

Step 11: Delivery, complete documentation and sending to you.