On this page we try to answer the most common questions, if there is a topic not listed here please drop us a line so we can respond to your query directly.

Question: How can I buy your products?

Answer: Please select the products you like and get quotes.

Question: Do you publish a catalog and price list?

Answer: Yes. Please contact us via: [email protected] request our online price-list. We do not publish a hard copy catalog simply beacause this would run into hundreds of pages and our policy of continually adding products.

Question: Where are you located?

Answer: Our office is located in the Hanoi capital, about 30 km from the Airport. Our factories are located in some provinces in Viet Nam.

Questions: How long will the shipping take?

Answer: Single items or small consignments (LCL, Samples) form our catalog can be at your door via Air Freight within 3-6 days. For full or partial containers the final destination is the key, when you place an order for a container load, we will provide you with a definitive shipping schedule for the port nearest your location. Most destinations (global) transit time is 3-5 weeks MAX guaranteed.

Question: Do you have a minimum quantity for an order?

Answer: Yes. The minimum quantity for individual products is listed in our pricelist.

Question: How much will the shipping cost?

Answer: This depends on the final destination and size of the shipment. But all requirements for the export of the shipment from Hai Phong, including packing and complement of the official export documentation is included in the price. When you contact us, we will give you a definitive quate for your destination.

Question: How long will it take for you to prepare my order?

Answer: This depends on what and how much you order. Generally, compledted items are 10-15 days. A full 20′ or 40ft container for different items will take 1 month – 2.5 months for all products including packing and documentation. The detailed items we will give you a response via return e-mail for your consideration.

Question: What is your sample lead time?

Answer: Sample lead time: if samples you choose are available, we will send within a day. In case, without availability, it takes about 5- 8 days to finish. Samples delivery time: shipping by air, about 2-5 days depend on your location.

Question: Do you customize products as my requirements?

Answer: Yes, we can make your own brand name/ logo on products. After you send us some pictures of your designs, we will make a samples as yours, then take the photos and send you for approval.

Question: Do you ship to my country?

Answer: Yes! We ship to many countries in the world! However, we do have some countries that we have to review and approve prior to shipping. We always reach out to you if there are issues with shipping to your destination country.

Question: Can you provide insurance for the transit of my goods?

Answer: Yes, when shipping full containers and LCL cargo via our recommended shipping company we can insure the shipment for of the goods against any damage whilst in transit, until the time the consignment reaches your door.